Park Manager Joe Scandurra holds a Striped Bass caught by a park patron on a beautiful day in May.  The park is one of the best places to access the Hudson River for fishing.  Hundreds of years ago Native Americans used nets and fish traps to catch these fish. Today Striped Bass fishing can be as simple as casting bait from the park’s shore or as involved as hiring a fishing guide and launching a boat equipped with the latest fish finders and electronics from the Schodack Island boat launch. Experienced river guides say that while this year’s cold winter and lower water temperatures will delay arrival of the annual Striped Bass migration, they are expecting another big year.
According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), Striped Bass can grow to almost 50 inches in length and over 50 pounds in weight, making them one of the state’s largest game fish.  Striped bass spend most of their lives in the ocean but return to their spawning grounds in the Hudson River each Spring to reproduce. Water temperatures in the 30s hold back the upstream movement of the fish, but as the water warms the mature adults become more active and move further on up the Hudson.  For more information on the life cycle of this amazing fish, go the Striped Bass page on the NYSDEC  website.
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