This is the first blog of our new Friends of Schodack Island web site!  We will use this feature to keep you updated about events at the park and provide other news of interest to park visitors.  We welcome your comments and feedback.  Please note that all comments are subject to review prior to being posted to this page.

If you visit the park throughout the year, you are aware of the many opportunities the park offers.  However, if you are a new visitor, then you should know that each season there is something new going on at the park.

When summer begins and thoughts turn to outdoor fun, Schodack Island State Park is a destination of choice for a host of activities.  The various picnic pavilions accommodate groups large and small.  The ball fields and the playground echo with happy voices. The shady trails through the forest invite exploring in the heat of the day.  The boat launch on the Hudson River and the canoe/kayak launch on the Schodack Creek attract power boaters and paddlers with outstanding water access.  What better way to spend a long lazy hot summer day then by sitting on the shore of the Hudson with a fishing pole in one hand, a cool drink in the other, watching the boats pass by and the sunlight play on the water.

Summer passes all too quickly.  As days shorten and nights grow cool, activities at park change.  The crisp clear days of early autumn are a great time to visit the park.  Different birds are seen now, migrants on their way to warmer places. Staff and volunteers are hard at work organizing the annual Fall Festival, with games, food, and music, an event which attracts hundreds of visitors.  Sportsmen stop by the park office to pick up the permits that allow them to hunt, in season, in the south portion of the park.  Finally, as the trees drop their leaves, the floating docks are taken in and the park is prepared for winter.

The morning after the first big snow of the new season, park staff are out early to groom the miles of wide flat trails which will soon be busy with cross country skiers. Once temperatures permit, the ice rink is flooded and on Friday nights, with the bon fire blazing and skating under the lights, Schodack Island is the place to be.  As the winter deepens and ice appears on the Hudson so do the coast guard icebreakers, keeping the shipping channel open.

Spring brings new life to the island.  Warmer days lure visitors from their homes, into the park, and out on the trails.  The annual Dodge the Deer 5K race brings hundreds of runners and their supporters.  Soon the eagles are back building nests along the Schodack Creek.  The shad bush is blooming and the parking lot is again at capacity with trucks and boat trailers as the Striped Bass make their annual return from the ocean.  The phone in the park office rings with callers placing reservations for picnic pavilions.  Another year has come full circle at Schodack Island…a park for all seasons.

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